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Welcome to the WWW Project web application created by the following project partners: Germany (Terratech), Poland (Viva Femina), Portugal (Atlântica) and Spain (Clictic and Docete Omnes Foundation). We are delighted to be able to work with you and help you in the development of your career. As you will imagine, in order to provide our services, we collect and use information about you. WWW Project is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the rights that, in said matter, it holds in relation to the information that we process about you, as well as the measures we take to protect your privacy. We know it can be extensive and tedious, but please read the Policy carefully. 

1) Some terms to consider

First, this web application will allow users to share and view content related to entrepreneurship focused on disabled people, in an accessible way. 

You can create your account and get access to all the resources available within the web application.

We have also developed a free online training platform to try to help disabled women to develop or improve their skills to  be entrepreneurs, as well as to help entities and mentors on how to carry out an upskilling program for women with disabilities who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs. The platform is free to use and includes basic information regarding financial, enterprise strategy, communication, brand promotion and much more in the EU and, in particular, in the countries of the project partners: Spain (Fundación Docente Omnes and Clictic), Portugal (Atlântica), Poland (Viva Femina) and Germany (Terratech).

Finally, this Policy refers to information about people, such as you or your family. It includes information about you, but also your opinions and what you have expressed (for example, your email). It may not be personal information (although sometimes both may occur). This type of information is sometimes referred to as “Personal Information”, “Personal Data” or “Identified or Identifiable Person Information” although, throughout this Policy, we use the term “Personal Information”.

2) What personal data do we collect and use?

The personal information that the project collects includes, among others, the following data:

  1. Your name and contact data.
  2. If you contact us, we can maintain evidence of such communication.
  3. Any information that you provide us when you use our forms. Specifically, name, surname and email. The provision of your personal information through these forms is not a mandatory or contractual requirement. However, fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory because we need this information to complete your request. Other information that you share with us by completing these forms is at your discretion.
  4. We also collect information about visits to the website / Portal, including, but not limited to, the IP address, browser used, location, country, entries on the page and other data communications and sources accessed. This information will make your visit to our website or Portal easier in the future.

3) Why do we use personal information about you?

The project collects and processes personal information to:

  1. To carry out statistical and analytical studies and research, for example, to improve the contents we provide.
  2. When necessary, comply with legal obligations.
  3. We may also use the information to:
  • Promote the security and protection of people, facilities, systems and goods.
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures.
  • Manage communications and other systems used by WWW (including internal contact database).
  • Research and manage incidents and claims.
  • Comply with the obligations and rights, as well as cooperate with any investigations carried out by the police, courts, regulators, etc.

4) What does the law say about it?

We are required by law to treat your personal data through any of the legal bases that allow it.

When you are working with, or through the WWW Project, the process we carry out for these purposes is based on the fact that the process is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the interested party is a party, the process is necessary for compliance of a legal obligation applicable to the person in charge of the process or in which the process is necessary to satisfy the legitimate interests of WWW in the exercise of its right and in that of its partners to be able to develop a project that does not entail damage to your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. When the aforementioned process is necessary for the satisfaction of the interests of the project, we ensure that it is done in such a way that it compensates for any individual interest. Outside of the above assumptions, we only deal with your personal information through your consent.

5) Do you have to provide us with the personal information we have requested?

Although you are not obliged to provide us with personal information, if you do not provide it to us we will not be able to give you access to the contents developed.

6) How long do we keep your personal information?

WWW Project can keep your personal information for a maximum period of 5 years since the last interaction with us was registered or made. 

7) Do we communicate the information to third parties?

As indicated above, we normally communicate your information to third parties. The purpose is to be able to achieve the objectives already indicated and we do it under the following circumstances:

  • To fellow members of the WWW Project in other countries within the European Union; Different partners of the WWW Project Group perform different functions and, as a result, your information can be shared with them for different purposes.
  • We will share the information with those with whom, such as the Administration, regulators or security forces and bodies, among others, we understand that we are legally bound, authorized or deemed necessary to do so.

8) Do we communicate personal data outside the European Union?

User information can be transferred and processed in one or more countries, within the European Union, and which are formed by the countries to which the partners belong and which are: Germany (Terratech), Poland (Viva Femina), Portugal (Atlântica) and Spain (Clictic and Docete Omnes Foundation)

9) What are your rights?

  • Right to access and obtain a copy of personal information. You have the right to request information about whether we treat any personal information about you. If so, you can access your personal information (via the Portal) and certain information about how it is processed. In some cases, you can ask us to provide you with an electronic copy of your information.
  • Right to rectify personal information. In case you show that the personal information we have about you is incorrect, you may require us to update or correct that information. In any case, we encourage you to access the Portal and update personal information directly.
  • Right to leave or delete information.
  • On certain occasions, you will have the right to request that we cease the processing of your personal information or that such information be deleted. The application can be submitted at any time and it will be WWW Project who evaluates and substantiates whether your application should be granted. However, this right is subject to the legal requirements or obligations that may exist for which we have to retain your information. For those cases in which, according to the standard, we determine that the request for cancellation of the data must be granted, WWW Project will do so without incurring unnecessary delays. It must be taken into account that once the information is deleted, the project will not be able to continue helping you for the mentioned purposes. In case you want to register again with the project, it will be necessary to provide the information again.
  • Right to object. To the extent that the processing carried out by the project of the personal data that we have about you is based on the legitimate interest of the same (and there is no other basis for the processing) or refers to marketing actions. You will be entitled to oppose, for reasons related to your particular situation, the processing of your data project.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you can send an email:

When you contact to exercise the afore mentioned rights, the project may ask you to identify yourself properly before you can proceed to the request. Finally, indicate that you have the right to file a claim with the competent authority in matters of data protection of the place of your residence or work, or in that place where you consider that an incident related to your personal information has occurred.

10) What happens to data security when using WWW webapp?

You are responsible for keeping the access data to your profile secure, specifically the password provided or chosen. These access data are for the exclusive use of the User, not being able to share them or the rest of your account details with any person.

11) How can you contact us?

For any questions or concerns related to this Policy, to expand information on how we protect the information (for example, when we make transfers outside the EU) and / or to contact the Data Protection Delegate and the corresponding local responsible for Privacy, you can send an email to the following address:

12) How do we manage the changes in this Policy?

The terms of this Policy may change from time to time. We will publish any change of relevance through the necessary notices, either on the website or by contacting us through the channels that are appropriate.

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